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Skystomper Live Resin, a new cannabis plant extract, is quickly becoming a popular and sought-after concentrate among cannabis users. Skystomper Live Resin is made with advanced extraction methods, like many other concentrates, but what sets it apart is that it is made with freshly harvested, frozen cannabis. As a result, it retains the plant’s terpene profile and has an extremely strong aroma.
Skystomper Live Resin is most commonly found in the form of a “budder” concentrate, but it is also available in shatters and crumbles. The color is typically opaque yellow-amber, but the shade and texture may vary depending on the cannabis variety used. It has a flavor that is frequently described as “dank,” and the texture is comparable to peanut butter.

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Live resin has grown in popularity due to its superior flavor and aromatics, as well as its higher cannabinoid and terpenoid content. According to Fidelity Labs, Live Resin contains 40-50% more THC than regular cannabis concentrates. It also had a more diverse terpene profile and much higher levels of cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBG.
Skystomper Live Resin is produced in the same manner as other types of concentrates. To preserve the terpene profile, the cannabis is cut and the flowers are immediately frozen. The plant material is then extracted using a closed-loop system, and the oil is extracted using BHO. Skystomper Live Resin preserves the flavor profile and high amount of cannabinoids by using freshly frozen plant material.
 Live Resin is ideal for those who want to experience the full range of aromatics, flavors, and effects that the cannabis plant has to offer. Due to its potency and robust flavor profile, it is the preferred choice of connoisseurs who prefer a more flavorful smoking experience.
 Live Resin is a meticulously crafted extract that offers a fragrant and flavorful smoking experience. Although it is more expensive than traditional concentrates, the extra cost is well worth it because it produces a much stronger and aromatic effect.