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Prerolls are pre-rolled joints that are ready to use. Cannabis growers, cultivators, and retailers are now offering brand prerolls, much to the delight of users. The most common ingredients are a wrap or paper, ground cannabis, and a filter or crutch securely wedged at the base of the preroll.

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Some are sold in tubes individually, while others are sold in multi-packs. Depending on the packing, preroll sizing can range from the length of a pinky finger to the length of a smartphone.

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Our pre-rolls come in two varieties: Indica and Sativa. But don’t limit yourself to Sativa and Indica.

That’s because we have a lot more, including Subway Scientist, Jean-Guy, Raider Kush Pre-rolls, Sky Pilot, Flicker Stix. Wappa Redees, Cold Kreek Kush Redees, and many Hybrid Pre-rolls.

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Indica is ideal for those seeking a very calming high that can help with nausea, discomfort, and appetite. Indica strains typically have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC than Sativa strains, making them ideal for pain relief or relaxation without getting too high.