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JUUL Pods are available in eight different flavors as of April 2019. These flavors were carefully selected to give vapers a wide range of options for discovering their own preferences, ranging from classic Tobacco and Menthol flavors to more exotic flavors like Cool Cucumber, Mango, and Fruit Medley. JUUL Pod flavors provide a truly unique vaping experience with something for everyone.
The classic Tobacco and Menthol flavors offer a classic tobacco taste, allowing even the most devoted smoker to transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping, while also allowing more seasoned vapors to enjoy tried and tested flavors that have been favorites for centuries. While Tobacco and Menthol are the more traditional flavors to try, there are many other exciting and exotic flavors to try.

Juul pods flavors for sale

Cool Cucumber flavor offers a refreshingly smooth hit of a cucumber treat without the added sweetness that some users may find unpleasant. This perfectly balances the warm, earthy taste of tobacco with an upward, lightening sensation with each draw of the device.
The Mango flavor enhances the vaping experience by adding a sweet, tropical note while also providing a subtle balance of sweetened tobacco and fruit medley. This allows a person to enjoy both the sweetness of the mango flavor and the previously mentioned tobacco flavor. Fruit Medley, on the other hand, combines natural fruit flavor staples like strawberry, orange, and grape. It stimulates the senses by delivering a wide range of fruity notes without overwhelming the user.
The final flavors of JUUL Pods are Crème Brulee, Cool Mint, and Virginia Tobacco. Crème Brulee combines the flavors of creamy vanilla, caramel, and custard to create a rich and deep flavor reminiscent of its namesake. Cool Mint combines fresh mint and peppermint flavorings to create a subtle yet complex flavor. Finally, the Virginia Tobacco flavor imparts a rich, earthy tobacco aroma.
Overall, JUUL Pods provide a wide range of flavorful experiences for each user. The JUUL Pod range has something for everyone, from the classic flavors of tobacco and menthol to the most daring combinations of cool cucumber, mango, and fruit medley.