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The brass knuckles vape pen amazon is a 510 thread pen that uses THC concentrate cartridges that have already been pre-filled. It also has a few design elements that are fairly prevalent. 900 and 650 mah batteries are offered for the Brass Knuckles vape pens. The firing button can also be used to modify the voltage.

It has a distinct appearance in addition to these technical specifications. The bodies of the brass knuckles vape pen amazon are either flashy metallic or wooden. The cartridges contain a metallic mouthpiece and a glass that allows the user to check the concentration level. These vapes are not only unusual in look, but they are also compact and portable. It is undeniably a vape that can be carried around on one’s person, in a handbag, or in luggage.

While the vape’s features and style are great, accessing the company’s website and dealing with bogus pens and cartridges are challenges. Furthermore, consumer confidence is seriously harm as a result of the accusations brought against this organization. Customers are concerned about becoming ill after using their cartridges.