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A battery and a charger are included with the 710 kingpen battery kit for sale. This is packaged in a handy carrying case. It also has a slot where you can put your Kingpen cartridge. The Kingpen Pen and batteries are the results of extensive testing and analysis in the lab. This is to provide the finest possible vaping experience to the consumer. This helps to explain why the Kingpen has received the most honors of any vape pen. This kit is compatible with the 510 Kingpen as well. For a simple on-the-go king pen vaping experience, purchase a king pen battery pack.

kingpen battery kit

The Kingpen Baterry is a long-lasting baterry. This gives the user one of the most enjoyable on-the-go vaping experiences. The Kingpen battery kit also features a preheat function and a simple push-button style. It also comes with a three-voltage option. The kingpen should be operated at a voltage of 3.5 to 4.0 volts. This container contains the kingpen battery and charger, but charging the kingpen appears to be a difficulty. Don’t worry, charging this 710 royal pen battery is as simple as it appears.